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Ignite the Flame Within! Olympic Inspiration for the New Year

Updated: Feb 12

Inpiration for an Olympic year.

The sacred flame of the Olympics

The Olympic flame is an ancient symbol of purity, hope, and unity among all nations. This year, the flame begins its journey of inspiration from where the games originated centuries ago, departing Olympia, Greece, on April 16, 2024. 

Olympic flags of many countries

Once the Flame reaches Marseille, France, it travels for 68 days with 11,000 torchbearers through 65 French territories before arriving at the Stade de France Olympic stadium in Paris. Each torchbearer carries the torch, imbued with their personal and community dreams and the collective aspirations of our global community. 

Olympics in Paris - 2024

With electric excitement and expectation, the final torchbearer glides into the heart of the stadium, and in a final extravaganza - be it a flaming arrow shot from a bow or a runner carrying the torch high above the stadium roof - the flame carried by thousands before them, ignites the giant cauldron as the spectators go wild in celebration!

Let the games begin!

The Olympics inspires us to rise to the challenge - of mankind in its finest moments!

In the ancient, much less showy times, the lighting of the flame symbolized the start of a sacred truce and the peaceful gathering of athletes at Olympia. The ancient Greeks stopped all wars while the Olympic flame burned and athletes made their way to Olympia. 

Today, the Olympic Games opening ceremonies transcend national boundaries, with spectacles like the parade of nations and flags. Athletes from every country gather together in harmony for this exhilarating competition. In moments like these, we are uplifted and inspired by the camaraderie we have with each other on this small planet - no matter our nationality or where we are from.

The Olympics, in all its glory, is a testament to the spirit of humanity. A breathtaking promise we renew every four years. Let us strive always for the peace and unity of nations, the realization of our globally shared dreams, and the continuation of the ideals and purity of the Olympic spirit!

At last - the Olympic Games! The grace and beauty of the athletes inspire us to MOVE!

Watching Olympian Simone Biles Owens, perhaps the greatest gymnast of all time, perform the Yurchenko double pike vault, we all want to run outside and do a cartwheel!

Or, seeing the beauty and power of Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, flying through the water in the 100-meter breaststroke makes anybody with a pulse start looking for a pool to jump into and start swimming! 

The health, well-being, and amazing physical condition of the athletes inspire us to get up and get moving, whether we are training for a spot on the next Olympic team, for our first marathon, or simply want to live a full, active life! 

The world’s finest athletes inspire us to train well AND train smart.

Exceptional athletes, especially Olympians, inspire us with the phenomenal fitness and skills they have honed from training hard but, more importantly, from training smart.

When we see Usain St Leo Bolt, considered by many to be the greatest sprinter of all time, breaking world records and winning three gold medals at three CONSECUTIVE Olympic games, it’s not just his innate physical gifts, but also how he trains.

Training smart means approaching your training like NASA approaches a moon landing - you have to plan. Your plan must incorporate all the areas of your fitness - your recovery time, what your specific goal or sport requires, your fuel, your form, and your self-care in all areas.

The payoffs from training smart, such as preventing injuries, are quite similar, whether we’re training to win a gold medal or to have a long, healthy lifespan. The difference is simply one of the scale and size of the goals. 

Olympic events inspire us to move in fun, new ways.

An Olympic athlete in action is a breathtaking sight! Similar to the glory of Kai Lenny, 31, shooting down a 50’ wave face at the Jaws surf break on Maui, we watch in absolute awe! 

This year, at the summer Olympics in Paris, we can watch a huge variety of sports, from running to skateboarding to wrestling, plus so many more!

Olympics in Paris

For those of us who have an exercise or training regime that no longer excites us, this is a grand opportunity to get some fresh training ideas and inspiration! 

It is possible to have fun and achieve great, Olympic-level fitness! The training you are most likely to do is the stuff that puts a smile on your face!

Beach volleyball or in-line hockey, anyone?

Ever had excuses that keep you from exercising? 

Lots of us are so busy we feel we just don’t have the time to do what it takes to follow our dreams. What if your back was twisted at 17 from scoliosis, and you suffered debilitating muscle injuries during a competition like Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest sprinter? 

Or, you were underfed and then abandoned by both of your parents before years of foster care, like Simone Biles Owens, the world’s greatest gymnast? How about losing your arm to a shark, like Bethany Hamilton (not an Olympian), and still qualifying 19 years later in the 2022 World Surf League competition in her native Hawai’i? 

These phenomenal world record holders like Simone Biles Owens and Usain Bolt, who reached the pinnacle of athletic achievement, started, in many ways, just like you and me. Plus, they often had to overcome life-altering challenges along the way, which can happen to any of us. 

Let these Olympians inspire you to develop your own superpowers and go boldly into any of the dreams you may have. If you can dream it, you can do it!

DIALED [IN] Muscle Cream athletes - train like Olympians!

DIALED [IN] Muscle Cream 3 product photo

Our training starts from the ground up; 

nourishing the whole person and cultivating the athlete within

Coach Kirk Whiteman, multiple-time World & National Champion Track Cyclist, and Jenny Whiteman, Advanced Pilates Instructor from TEMPO cycling & pilates studio, are the two hard-working, smart-training athletes who developed DIALED [IN] Muscle Cream, to give elite athletes a competitive edge.

That competitive edge has been well noticed by several of the elite athletes training at TEMPO cycling & pilates studio. These athletes have been able to up their program to intense, Olympic-level training, thanks to the more thorough - and rapid - recovery made possible by DIALED [IN] Muscle Cream.

As we know, the road to victory starts with mental toughness, making a decision, and not wavering or giving into excuses. The whole person - body, mind, spirit - must be 100% committed. And that person, perhaps you, can use every competitive advantage out there. 

That’s why the athletes training with Coach Kirk Whiteman and Jenny Whiteman at TEMPO cycling & pilates studio use DIALED [IN] Muscle Cream:

They can train harder and smarter and recover better and faster!

DIALED [IN] Muscle Cream works. 

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