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Muscle Motivation For Race Day and Every Day

DIALED[IN] muscle cream uses 3 natural ingredients, formulated by a world champion, to keep your muscles moving and motivated.


Muscle cream for pain and performance

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               For people who train regularly, have active lifestyles or are just sick of waking up sore!


              The only cream that combines the simple and focused blend of Arnica, Magnesium                     and Sodium Bicarbonate - simple, natural and undiluted.  


             Apply before training to prevent muscle soreness or directly to the source of your pain.  

Do more of the things you love

Dialed In is for athletes and everyday heroes who deal with muscle pain and joint soreness and want to improve performance.

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3 All-Natural Ingredients:







Provides an all-natural dose of pain relief along with anti-inflammatory qualities for muscles and joints.

is a muscle revitalizer - alleviating muscle pain, inflammation and soreness. Also an essential mineral for overall health.

Provides anti-inflammatory

properties that can be absorbed through the skin for maximum healing and recovery.

Arnica Montana:
Sodium Bicarbonate:

Magic for Muscles on the Move

What's the story behind DIALED[IN]?


Dialed In was created by a World and National track cycling champion to help him overcome pain and muscle soreness from training and competing on the velodrome. Learn more about his story here.


Dialed In is a therapeutic muscle cream that benefits the Olympic athlete and the everyday warrior! It can be applied daily or as needed - before and after activity.




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