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Company Policy & Ambassador Program

Customer Care

Hello from Portland, OR. We are thrilled to be introducing Dialed in to you and thank you for your interest! Please reach out if you have questions or concerns. Email is the best way to reach us: or message us (the Let's Chat button below), instagram or Facebook.

Dialed in muscle cream has been a long time coming, it's evolved from what was kindly called "salad dressing" by coach Kirk's coaching clients into a professional, hardworking cream that not only builds better athletes, but relieves pain and provides an all-around wellness lifestyle..

Brand Ambassador Program

Brand Ambassador Program - we are currently seeking individuals and teams (BIPOC encouraged) to apply for our Brand Ambassador Program. Please email us for product samples and tell us about yourself: 

1. Please choose a lead for contact purposes.

2. Where you’re located

3. Your Specialty - ie, cycling, running, hiking, HIIT training .... 

4. Tell us why you’d like to be a Dialed in Brand Ambassador

5. Social media handles


If chosen for the program, you’ll receive a discount code to share/use when ordering and more details regarding the program.  Thank you!

Privacy & Safety

We value your privacy. Your personal information will not be shared. We'll only use your data to process and ship orders and let you know about promotional offers by W4 Products LLC. 


We use third-party banking to verify and process payment.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

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