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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply Dialed In?
    Apply liberally to muscles and joints before activity and anytime you need it! Make Dialed In muscle cream a part of your regular wellness routine for long lasting benefits. Shake tube before use, warm cream in the palm of your hands and then thoroghly massage into muscles.
  • How quickly does Dialed In start to work?
    Dialed In will start working immediately! It provides both immediate relief and longer term benefits. The combination of ingredients reduce muscle and joint pain and help prevent inflammation, so you can train harder, for longer.
  • What is the gritty texture in the cream?
    That gritty texture highlights the critical sodium bicarbonate. Sodium Bicarbonate, along with the Magnesium and Arnica keep you moving longer with less pain afterwards.
  • Can I put Dialed In my mouth?
    Nope! Dialed In is meant to be massaged into your muscles, not eaten. Apply right to the source of your pain - or muscles that are about to be trained. Dialed In is a therapeutic muscle cream that treats your pain without swallowing another pill that has to circulate and process through your entire system.
  • Can I use if pregnant or breastfeeding?
    Please consult with a health professional before use. And congratulations!
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