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Why Active Families and Elite Athletes Use DIALED [IN] Muscle Cream Daily

Updated: Jan 29

There are many ways to be active.

How can I stay consistent with my exercise plan?

According to a recent online study conducted in November 2012, by Harris Interactive, on behalf of, nearly two-thirds of adults in the United States who make New Year's resolutions have set fitness goals as part of their resolution. Of those, 73 percent gave up before meeting their goal - usually within six weeks of starting. [1]

Why do so many of us drop out of our exercise plan? For most of us, we say we don’t have the time. Or, we say it’s too difficult to keep the routine going, and then we find we don’t have the energy to undertake a restart. So we never come back.

Exercising and losing weight has its challenges, or more of us would do it. Even though many of us want to exercise and lead a healthier lifestyle, we have no clue how to get started in a way that improves our chances for success.

We jump into an exercise or diet plan, 110%, and find within a few workout sessions that we have so much discomfort, pain, or even injury, that we are discouraged and stop. If we were to start exercising as a way to feel better in our body throughout the process, we would be much more likely to keep it going.

Common reasons that keep you from continuing on your wellness journey:

  • You’re too busy, not enough time, too tired, too stressed, and - I need my sleep!

  • Muscle soreness and pain from not understanding ways to avoid the soreness.

My start/stop exercise approach is not working. I need a plan outside the box!

Thinking outside the box is what world cycling champion Kirk Whiteman and Pilates expert Jenny Whiteman have based their coaching and training programs on.

They realized early on in their careers that people like us, regular, everyday people, who vow to exercise and get healthy, need an edge. We need something different, something unconventional. Something that works and keeps us in the game, whether as a parent who wants to keep up with the kids or as a national champion trying to set a world record.

It was this same ability to think creatively that led Kirk and Jenny to develop DIALED[IN] muscle cream during Kirk’s racing career as he struggled with muscle cramps. He tried a number of natural remedies, being careful to avoid any substance that might be prohibited in the elite world of world-class track bicycle racing. None of the products he tried helped him that much - or worse, they caused severe discomfort.

We need a Magic Muscle Cream to help us attain our health and activity goals!

As Kirk’s peak racing performance turned into coaching other potential elite athletes, the Whitemans began to formulate a plan to create a topical muscle cream that would help Kirk’s cycling and coaching clients.

Plus, a cream that would help Jenny’s Pilates students with the same issues. All their clients had the same challenge - they all needed something to alleviate the muscle soreness, cramping, or injuries. That way, they could feel better in the process and not stop their exercise program in its infancy.

Over many months, starting in their kitchen, Kirk and Jenny tried several different formulations of homeopathic creams mixed with specific muscle-nurturing minerals, like magnesium. They didn’t stop until they felt they had the perfect blend of three beneficial ingredients.

The Eureka Moment: DIALED [IN] muscle cream makes the impossible - possible!

On short notice, Kirk was asked to ride team sprints at the World Championships, a mere eight days away. Because of the DIALED [IN] muscle cream, he was able to train hard, as he had NEVER done before.

He used the cream before and after each training session. Despite the grueling, unheard-of training pace, he kept going. He felt recovered in hours rather than days, and the quality of training never suffered.

This was his eureka moment!

The Whitemans were thrilled! At last, they had a tool that could help people get beyond the number one obstacle to basic fitness - the soreness and muscle aches that were the inevitable part of beginning (and continuing) to exercise.

Once Kirk had his own personal eureka moment, the husband-wife team knew they had a game-changer for people determined to lead active lives.

We absolutely MUST share this with the world!

Kirk and Jenny are not just world-class athletes and coaches. Their core passion is helping others to feel comfortable, confident, and powerful in their bodies. This is part of their DNA.

Their hidden talent is inspiring everyone to physically or athletically accomplish their wildest ambitions. This could be Jenny training someone who wants to be able to dig in the garden and play on the floor with grandkids or Kirk coaching the next world champion.

One thing they know from their own physical experience and the feedback of their clients is that most people can benefit from DIALED [IN] muscle cream every day.

DIALED [IN] muscle cream 3 sizes

It ticks all the boxes for a health-conscious, motivated person!

Just three completely natural, non-toxic ingredients

  • Magnesium - commonly recommended by health professionals for help with relaxation, sleep, and muscle soreness/cramping.

  • Arnica - “Arnica has been used in homeopathic medicine for centuries” … “Arnica presents a comparable activity to standard medications, such as ibuprofen and diclofenac, for pain management under different medical conditions.” - PubMed, National Library of Health [2]

  • Sodium Bicarbonate - shown to help improve athletic performance in certain areas of competition. More studies are on the way.

Whether your exercise goal is a marathon or shooting hoops with your kids,

DIALED [IN] muscle cream can be your personal game-changer.

After they began to share DIALED [IN] with their clients and friends, the first results were astounding! From helping with muscle/joint soreness and improving sleep to reducing cramping and overall discomfort, Kirk and Jenny were overjoyed!

“We had no idea our muscle cream would help people with so many challenges beyond just muscle soreness,” according to Jenny. “And that it would benefit our clients and elite athletes so profoundly.”

Jenny explains, “One of Kirk’s TEMPO studio clients is an ultra-runner, and he shaved a whopping 21 minutes off his marathon!”

“Another client who reinjured her shoulder during Portland, Oregon Dragonboat racing practice was able to feel 50% better within a short time, sleep well that night, and woke up to a full range of motion and no more discomfort! These kinds of statements got our attention, big time,” Jenny continued.

“We could go on and on,” Kirk adds, “Clients were using the cream to help with all sorts of things, from headaches to TMJ problems.”

But the bottom line is: How will DIALED [IN] help YOU?

First step - get some and try it.

We have personally seen DIALED [IN] help our friends, family, clients, and athletic peers in an abundance of ways.

When the list of potential benefits is so high, and the risk of trying something is so low - the choice is obvious - give this potential life-changer a try. You are almost guaranteed to have wonderful results one way or another.

But first, you have to try it. That is the only way you can know. And once you do, you won’t be able to keep quiet about it - you will have to tell YOUR friends and family too!

See you again soon - living the active life you desire.

Ready to give it a try? We have made ordering easy. Click [HERE] to go to our product and ordering page.

PS: If you want to receive Kirk and Jenny's free coaching/exercise tips, plus find out about special offers, sign up for the DIALED [IN] monthly newsletter:


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